Thursday, June 2, 2011


This was KBS World's latest encore drama and I just finished watching it. I am not so much of a critic that's why I was all praise after watching this drama. The whole plot was about two bodyguards, Yu Gwan Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk) and Cha Young Jin (Chae Rim), who were rivals when they were still training and constantly competing to beat one another. Little did they know fate was playing along with them and the two were assigned as partners to guard the president's rebellious son, Kang Suho. Yu Gwan Pil and Kang Suho (Lee Jin Wook) had an unfortunate past. It made me very curious as the drama progresses and it is one of the reasons why I was so eager to watch.

It was an interesting twist that Gwan Pil's daughter, Ggot Nim, was really Suho's. How did that happen? Watch the drama now! And spazz with me. Hahaha!

There were lots of moral lessons in this drama too.

  • It teaches us to accept the person you love. No matter what happens when all else fails, you will and always go back to the arms of your family. Young Jin was ashamed of her dad's profession as a dancer (dance sport) because in Korea dancers aren't really socially accepted. 
  • Holding your feelings back doesn't make you strong, it makes you weaker because when you let them out you don't have the courage to face it. It doesn't hurt to let it out sometimes. Gwan Pil is an uptight man. He is scared to let everybody know who the true Gwan Pil is. In the end, Young Jin was able to break that wall and that made me cry. Hahaha! 
  • No matter what storm that comes into our life, never give up. 
  • Trust the person you love.
  • Perseverance. Suho was sick of all those bad reports about him. He asked Young Jin's dad to teach him how to dance. He wanted to show his family that he can do something and make them proud. He also wanted to prove to Young Jin that he was serious about her.
This drama made me cry a lot. Even if the scene was so happy like for instance when they were at the beach. It made me cry because at last Gwan Pil and Suho sort out their misunderstanding and happily enjoyed each others' company. Ggot Nim was so happy to be with the three of them (Gwan Pil, Suho and Young Jin). It was such a happy scene. =) Scenes with Young Jin and her family was touching too.

The ending was open-ended though. It was a bit disappointing. I just want to leave it as is in the drama but if you'd ask me, I wanted Young Jin to end up with Gwan Pil. Hahaha!

Lee Jong Hyuk (Gwan Pil) was born to wear a suit. Soo hot. Yeah, I'm his biggest fan right now! I just love him in this drama. =D

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My fave quotes from the drama:

  • ‎"The turning point comes when people GIVE UP, not when they fail." - 
  • ‎"It is not real trust if you have to see to believe." - Yu Gwan Pil
  • ‎"Whether you are at the top or bottom, a person who really cares about you won't care about those things." -Yu Gwan Pil

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