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Dramas about father-son and father-daughter relationships really interests me. It's like I feed off these dramas to fill the lost love from my father. My next entry is about a single dad doing his best to raise his only son by working as a pest exterminator by day and as a boxer at night. Guess who the single dad is? 

It's the oh so hot OH JIHO! =D Moving on..

Soyi (Kang Sung Yun), ex-lover of Pungho (Oh Jiho), left her family to pursue her career as a world renowned  pianist leaving Pungho with so much hatred to her. Pungho strives to make a living to support Kang San. Pungho met a medical student named Hari (Heo Yi Jae) who was in need of a test subject for their project in medical school. Pungho agreed to do the test with charge. Since that day both of them have developed a friendship. Hari most of the time claims that Pungho was head over heels with her and that leaves Pungho so annoyed with Hari. Hari and Kang San have also met and have been close ever since. Hari was like a mother to Kang San. She visits San at home and brings them lots of food. Sometimes Hari picks up San just to hang out. 

Dr. Jeon Gisuk, Hari's father, came back to Korea with his soon-to-be-fiancĂ©........Pungho's ex-lover, Soyi! Yeah, I was also shock when I knew about it. Small world huh. Soyi was Hari's piano teacher. Hari's father was a bit old. =D Well, as they say age doesn't matter. Pungho liked Hari too. Hari called him ahjussi. 

Sadly, Kang San was diagnosed with brain cancer. To cover San's medical fees, Pungho decided to accept a boxing match that involves a famous boxer. Fortunately, he won but after the match he felt a very painful migraine. Dr. Jeon was San's doctor and did San's brain surgery succesfully. He was hesitant at first because he already knew the connection between Soyi and Pungho because he has hired a detective to find Soyi's son, Kang San. 

One of San's wishes was to go to a beach after his brain surgery. Pungho's trainer, Sang Tae, Chilgu, Hari, Pungho and San all went to the beach. Pungho also confessed that he likes Hari and kissed her.

Fast forward, all the secrets were out. Soyi, Hari, Dr. Jeon and Pungho knew that their life stories were related. Soyi tried to help Pungho with San's medical fees but refused it because of his hatred to her. Soyi decided to end the engagement with Dr. Jeon saying it is for the better. Hari was deeply hurt when she knew about Soyi and Pungho's past. Pungho also discovered that he has brain cancer and asked Dr. Jeon to perform his surgery. Before agreeing to proceed with the surgery, Pungho made sure that Kang San was doing well already. Kang San has been seeing his birth mother (with Pungho's approval) and started a fresh relationship with her.

The ending was a bit hanging and it pissed me off. =D It looked like Pungho died. Before the surgery, Pungho and Hari went to a beach and filmed a sort of "boxing training" video for Kang San because they didn't tell San that Pungho was off too surgery. So they made a training video for San to believe that Pungho was just away for training. The ending was a scene with Pungho in the operating room. The next scene was San watching Pungho's training video with a big smile on his face. I was confused. Hahaha!

EDIT: I forgot! I love Shindong's (Super Junior) acting performance in this drama. He should do more comedy dramas. :)

What do you think happened to Pungho? Tell me your own interpretation of this drama's ending. Just post your 2 cents in the comments section. =)

Thank you for reading!

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