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I just finished watching Chuno/The Slave Hunters ---- not really because the link was DEAD! Of all the episodes why does it have to be the last! I'm so sad. =( Talking about being so anti-climactic. Sigh.

EDIT: I already bought a DVD of this drama! Hurrah! =) I watched it all over again! I will edit this entry as soon as I'm finished watching it. Round 2. =D

Chuno is a drama about slavery, love and betrayal. Daegil comes from a noble family and is in love of their family slave, Hyewon/Eunyeon. His life was ruined when Hyewon's brother set their house ablaze and left him there to die but he survived. He became a slave hunter together with General Choi and Wang Son ( I love the "Daegil" family!) in the hopes of finding Eunyeon. Ohh Daegil's undying love for Eunyeon. Jang Hyuk was really great in this drama. I'm so glad he won the Daesang (grand prize) in the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. I guess he also won in the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards. I really felt his pain searching Eunyeon for 10 years and what made it so unbearable was he found out that she married the man he was supposed to catch/kill. I can also feel his........CHOCO ABS. =D

Episode 21 (at the feast):
Daegil to Gen. Choi: "Not being able to see her was driving me crazy but now seeing her everyday (esp. with Song Tae Ha), it's just killing me." =(

Song Taeha is a former military commander and spent 8 years serving the crown prince in China after Joseon lost the war in the Qing dynasty. He was falsely accused of appropriating state crops and was sentenced to slavery.  He married Hyewon in the end which I disapprove of because I wanted Oh Jiho all by myself. Bwahahahah!

Hyewon/Eunyeon is a house slave of Daegil's family. After the incident, she and her brother lived as nobles and acquired a new name, Kim Hyewon. I didn't like how Lee Dahae portrayed her role in this drama. For starters, she's too beautiful to be a slave and even for a noblewoman her face doesn't suit her because she's too beautiful.

The sole reason why I watched this drama is because of Lee Jong Hyuk. =D As you have read in my previous entry, I became his fangirl after watching Formidable Rivals. =D I'm so glad I was able to watch because THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME! Lee Jong Hyuk plays Hwang Chul Woong. He was Taeha's colleague when both of them were still on the same side. He was enslaved by his ambition and the desire to beat Song Taeha. He became a cold hearted assassin.

General Choi, Wang Son and Seol Hwa really gives this drama hilarity amidst of all the betrayal and slavery that has been going on in the drama. I thought General Choi and Wang Son died but they didn't. After that episode (where they were supposed to die), any comedic attempts by other characters didn't have an effect on me. A couple of episodes had pass they re-appeared and I was so happy watching the four (Daegil, Choi, Wang Son and Seolhwa) of them again with Seol Hwa and Wang Son going at with each other's throats.

Favorite parts of the drama:

  • Awesome scene where Chul Woong, Daegil, General Choi and Tae Ha were fighting in episode 6. Hyewon had to cut it off. Grrr. Just watch the episode. Hahah!
  • I forgot what episode was this but I really cracked up when Cheon Jiho (slave hunter) tried to catch that bamboo thrown by Chul Woong and didn't catch it. LOL. I repeated it around 5 times. =)))
  • Scenes of the "Daegil" family. ♥
  • In a crammed shack, a very heart-warming scene among slaves in episode 20 wherein they talked about what they were going to do after they successfully carry out a rebellion against those who oppressed them and finally achieved to live as a free person. They were like children talking about their dreams and ambitions. There is indeed nothing worse than slavery. How did such thing existed in the ancient times? Unfortunately, they were tricked by a man sent by the evil Minister Lee. =( I feel so sorry for them.
  • Actually I love all the fight sequences in this drama. I LOVE THE DRAMA ITSELF. Hahaha.
  • I really loved the scenes where Daegil and Taeha were tag teams towards the last part of the series. =)
Daegil and Taeha fighting Hwang Chul Woong's troops
Smiling at each other after they kicked the butts of Hwang Chul Woong and his men

EDIT #2: I finally watched the last episode. I was left speechless. JANG HYUK's acting was just AMAZING. He really deserved all those Daesang awards last year. Lee Jong Hyuk was an AMAZING antagonist too. Ironic as it sounds I love the way the drama ended. Almost all the characters had closure. When I think about Chuno/The Slave Hunters, there is only one name that first pops out of my mind and that is LEE DAEGIL. Daegil deserved the "epic hero" ending. He gave up his life saving his only beloved, Eunyeon, and telling her to live with happiness with Song Taeha (super duper ouch!). I really cried watching the scene of Seolhwa and Daegil in the last part where Daegil was dying. I was really a Daegil/Seolhwa shipper at first but realized no one can replace Eunyeon in Daegil's heart. Daegil's treatment to Seolhwa was like a little sister. This line from Daegil made me cry even more.

Daegil (dying): "Seolhwa, I'm sorry. Darkness surrounded me, that's why I couldn't see your heart was beating for me."

Currently, Chuno is my most favorite drama and it is one of the best indeed. I will never get tired watching this drama over and over again.

Quote from the drama:

"A life of simplicity is a wise man's greatest virtue." - Lee Daegil

"You know what last resorts are? Something you never use as last resort because when things go astray, there's never going to be a way out." - Lee Daegil 

"It doesn't take a crown to change the world." - Song Taeha

The OST is still in my head. ♪♫ gaseumeul dein geotcheoreom  nunmure paein geotcheoreom jiwojiji annneun sangcheodeuri goeropda ♫♪

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